Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Mills High Top

Here is another rare machine I want to list on the web page. This is a real Golden Nugget machine from the Golden Nugget Casino. There are 5 million reproductions for every one of these originals.

You can see in the photo’s, the acid etched plaque above the reels and the top Golden nugget plate acid etched also, and the base chrome, instead of the wood showing, This was done only by the Golden Nugget. They made the chrome skirt for the base. Least but not last, the real Golden Nugget machines had the brown Formica sides. This machine is Unrestored so you can see it’s the real thing.

This machine is a real rare find because of the many reproductions that were made. I do understand that collectors would like to see even more photos so they can be sure of what they are getting and please, if you have questions send them to




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