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Eproms, Relays, coils, circuit boards, cabinet parts, Clear chips

IGT keychips and base chips
IGT keychips and base chips
This is for ONE (1) chip of your choice, not the set as pictured. Keychips for I.G.T. S2000, and Game King Change security and denominations, Set winning percentages. Reset the machine. This product requires "SPECIAL" handling if ordering the IC chip so please allow additional time for the order to be processed and then mailed. All of the bin files require a 4 mbit eprom, we recommend the 27C4002 (256kb x 16 bits) Use the drop down menus to select your program, whether you want a programmed chip or just the binary file and shipping. Please note ORDERING AN IC CHIP YOU MUST SELECT THE SHIPPING CHARGE If you neglect to select shipping we will invoice you for the additional shipping charges. This may cause a delay in receiving your order.



Outside Services

Currently the repairs of Bally E-series readers and Bally E-series 
power supplies as well as the E-Series reel reader tester have been 
suspended. I have moved and all of my testing equipment and repair 
parts are in storage until my new home is completed. 
(Approximately Dec. 2019) Thank you for your understanding