Below are several Jukeboxes that we have recently sold.

Wurlitzer Model 1080A

This model 1080A is in superb original condition! The amplifier has been rebuilt sounds great. The outside of the cabinet has the original finish and has just a few light dings and a couple small scratches, extremely nice for an original finish. It works great on coins and the insides looks almost new! Wurlitzer made a model 1080 & 1080A, the model 1080A shown in the pictures below, had the new lighter cobra light tone arm which used much lighter weight on the record needle. The older heavy weight arms would wear out the records. The total 1947/1948 production of these models,  1080/1080A was 9300 units. This model plays 78rpm records and has 24 selections. 

Wurlitzer 1937 model 616A

This is  a project jukebox that I had. It’s a Wurlitzer model 616A made in 1937 with a light up kit which was installed around that time to try to update the box to look like the newer models. I plugged this jukebox in once, just for these photos, that is as far as I went, I was afraid to even do that without doing some rewiring. This box had been in storage for many years and I was told that it was working before it was stored. The light up kit on this jukebox we believe, was made by Gerber & Glass.


1941 Wurlitzer Model 750E

This is the Wurlitzer 1941 Model 750E jukebox. Total production of this model was 18,500 units. It’s 78 rpm, 24 selection, with the new “for it’s year” electrical keyboard which gave it the “E” for the model 750E.  This is a wonderful piece of art, and is breathtaking when lit up in a dark room! This art piece is all original with an older restoration, which gives this jukebox it’s real class.


1955 Rockola Model 1448

This Rockola is Gorgeous! It has been checked out by the famous, “DOCTOR KNOW IT ALL”, Mr. Harold Hagen of Jukebox City in Seattle Washington for Mr. Frank Adams, the jukebox manual publisher and book writer when he owned this jukebox. This beautiful 1950’s jukebox has 120 selections and is 45 rpm. It has a three sided revolving title strip display. Production was 12,000 of these units in 1955. You have to see the inside of one these!

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